About us

Our company, located in the beautiful and historical town of Freistadt in Austria, specializes in purchasing and selling of high quality mineral specimens from all localities over the world. After some years of experience as a sole trader and joint partner of „Watzl Minerals GmbH“, Rudolf Watzl has started his own enterprise in early 2013 to advance his own notion of trading fine and rare minerals for ambitious collectors.

Rudolf at Tucson Mineral Show
Rudolf at the Westwardlook Show, Tucson

Rudolf grew up in a mineral collecting family and got captivated by the beauty of minerals at an early age. Especially the truly outstanding Alpine Mineral Collection of his father Anton Watzl Sen. (also a renowned minerals photographer!) posed an ideal and encouragement for further development. Rudolf's first collection mainly consisted of self-collected specimens from the Austrian Alps, containing some outstanding iron roses. To this day the collection increased to an impressive collection of finest minerals from the world's best localities.

Rudolf with his father Anton Watzl Sen.
Rudolf and his father Anton Watzl Sen.

In his own words: „Collecting minerals is a passion I'm happy to share with a great community around the globe. I'm looking forward to handling many more of this world's most amazing crystal treasures and I hope to inspire this enthusiasm in many others.

Last but not least I want to thank my girlfriend Lisa, my parents and all my friends who support my dreams and to whom I owe a great share of my success.“

Rudolf and his girlfriend Lisa at the Houston Mineral Show
Rudolf and his girlfriend Lisa at the Houston Mineral Show