International Minerals

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RK168 - Silver - 5000€
Calumet & Hecla Mine, Calumet, Houghton Co., Michigan, USA
Size: 8.6 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm
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The village of Calumet on the upper peninsula of Michigan is a historic mining site mainly for copper, but is also known for silver and other minerals. This old piece from 1963 is a massy yet graceful example for the impressive specimens coming from Calumet. Sharp silver crystals are embedded in a landscape of rugged, massive silver. An imposing piece of size and very fine silver color that almost physically emanates its unique historic charm!

RK170 - Wulfenite - SOLD
Ahmad Abad, Yazd Province, Iran
Size: 8.7 x 7.6 x 6.4 cm
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This cover piece, pictured on the "Mineralienwelt" magazine, issue 5/2015, is an absolutely iconic specimen and one of the very best ones from the famous find in Ahmad Abad. Tabular wulfenite crystals are 3-dimensionally arranged on a striking matrix that is covered in snow-white calcite. The wulfenite is also studded with calcite and some tiny spots of vanadinite. The largest crystals are around 3 cm in size and in almost flawless condition, leaving some minor wear asid. The combination of different minerals in varying crystal size is absolutely stunning, exceptionally beautiful and elegant. It is a pity that the Ahmad Abad Mine has been closed due to difficulties in the mining process. It definitely would have been great to see more of those world class wulfenite specimens coming!

SL12 - Gold on Quartz - 7500€
Eagle`s Nest Mine, Placer Co., California, USA
Size: 6.1 x 5.3 x 2.3 cm
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A fantastic gold specimen of classy aesthetics from the famous Eagle`s Nest Mine in California. It shows just the right proportion of white quartz matrix and shiny crystallized gold. This piece is perfect all around with freely protruding branching gold. The matrix is interveined with gold which is nicely visible at its bottom and sides. A brilliant piece of considerable size and decent elegance.

TN44 - Fluorite - 160€
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China
Size: 5.3 x 5.1 x 2.6 cm
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This is in fact a quite astonishing piece at closer inspection. Have a look at the main crystal (also in our video) and you immediately get stunned by the brilliant luster, the water-clear bright blue crystal and its neat purple phantom. The fluorite is a cube with modified edges, accompanied by a second smaller cube of matching quality. The matrix is a dark contrasting combination of quartz encrusted with tiny pyrite and muscovite. The major issue about this piece is a broken quartz side-crystal that is visible at the lower main view. Fortunately there is nothing to worry about the fluorite that is completely intact and of pristine quality. An appealing specimen from this famous locale.

TN43 - Fluorite - 150€
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China
Size: 6.1 x 4.4 x 2.8 cm
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Two transparent fluorite cubes of light blue color with sharp purple edges and great luster on all sides are perched on a lovely white calcite matrix. The larger crystal is around 1.7 cm on edge and provides a look right through to the matrix. This is a highly aesthetic fluorite specimen with no considerable damage from the famous Yaogangxian Mine in China.

SK21 - Aragonite - 550€
Laurion, Greece
Size: 9.1 x 6 x 5.8 cm
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A coral-shaped aragonite specimen of snow-white quality and brilliant 3-dimenional aesthetics. At the backside there is some smaller damage present but all crystals at the front are totally perfect. A beautiful piece from the classic locale of Laurion.

SO86 - Amethyst - 1600€
Veracruz, Mexico
Size: 9.8 x 7.9 x 6.8 cm
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Elegance and charm are radiating from this piece as is typical for the famous locale of Veracruz. Several high-class amethyst crystals are nested on a grey matrix cluttered with small white quartz crystals. The amethyst shows lovely purple color in marvelously gemmy, elongated crystals. There are no flaws worth mentioning here on this piece of utter brilliance. The nice 3-dimensional character as well as the sparkling luster are main actors in our video, so go on and have a look!

RK105 - Azurite - 1700€
Milpillas Mine, Cuitaca, Mun. de Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico
Size: 6.8 x 4.7 x 2.1 cm
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To directly get to the point: The color of this azurite specimen is just fantastic! At direct illumination you see a sheer fireworks of sparkling crystal faces and vibrant blue color. The quality is absolutely amazing and a good example for the stuff that comes out of Milpillas Mine. Prominently sitting on a piece of matrix with some smaller spots of malachite really benefits the overall aesthetics. Some very minor edgewear is barely discernible over the blindening beauty of this great piece!

SO69 - Barite - 250€
Cerro Warihuyn, Miraflores, Huamalíes Province, Huánuco Department, Peru
Size: 5.9 x 3.9 x 2.7 cm
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This brownish dolomite matrix supports a highly aesthetic blossom-like cluster of limpid tabular barite. I love the striking composition as well as the high crystal quality of brilliant luster and perfect transparency. The whole cluster is in very good shape with only one smaler chip that is visible at closer view but fortunately does not distract the perfect outline and the general beauty of this piece. Highly attractive and of sparkling quality.

FA350 - Proustite - 350€
Imiter Mine, Djebel Saghro, Quarzazate Province, Morocco
Size: 3.6 x 2.6 x 1.7 cm
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360° of bright red proustite on matrix, sparkling and powerful. The beginning of this century marked a period of proustite mining at Imiter Mine. Hundreds of fire-red crystals, up to around 0.6 x 0.3 mm in size are covering a nice rust-brown rock to shape a quite amazing 3-dimensional landscape. Imiter Mine might not be known for the largest specimens but the quality is stunning. This specimen is a floater of very good condition and strikingly aesthetic!

SO97 - Azurite with Malachite - 2900€
Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Tsumeb, Namibia
Size: 5.6 x 4.1 x 2.3 cm
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One single azurite of dramatic size protrudes from a nice piece of matrix that is very much typical for the locale. The azurite is quite dark but reveals its deep blue secret at backlight illumination. Some green malachite mottling, apparently a beginning pseudomorphosis, gives a nice accent to this striking piece. There is some slight wear present but no acutal damage. This is an old piece, as you can see on the enclosed label. Stunning and beautiful in person!

FA81 - Vanadinite on Barite - 410€
Mibladen, Midelt, Khenifra Province, Morocco
Size: 7.3 x 4.1 x 3 cm
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Bright red-orange vanadinite crystals are perched on a snow-white barite matrix like cherries on a cream pie. This stiking piece lives from the intense contrast these colors provide but also from high luster on gemmy crystals in a size range from a few millimeters up to staggering 2.1 cm! The piece is virtually free of damage, aside some smaller contacts or almost invisible edgewear. Also the bottom is nicely crystallized. This is a piece of overall good quality and appealing aesthetics!

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