Sold Minerals

RK09 - Copper - SOLD
Poteryaevskoe Mine, Rubtsovskoe, Western-Siberian Region, Russia
Size: 5.6 x 5.2 x 4.3 cm

The "tree style" of this copper is very nice and the reason why I bought this specimen from the recent finds of this locale! Many of the crystals have very good luster. Very 3-dimensional in person!

SL03 - Tourmaline on Feldspar - SOLD
Himalaya Mine, Gem Hill, Mesa Grande District, San Diego Co., California, USA
Size: 5.4 x 2.8 x 1.5 cm

That's one of the very best tourmalines form the Himalaya mine in this size range I have ever seen. The crystal is doubly terminated and perfect placed on feldspar. It has a very fine luster, color and suits perfect for every collector who is interested in high quality tourmalines.

AT02 - Smoky Quartz - SOLD
Val Giuv, Sedrun, Vorderrhein, Tujetsch, Graub√ľnden, Switzerland
Size: 7.5 x 7.3 x 2.7 cm

This is another smoky quartz from the recent find made this summer in Val Giuv. Two crystals grown together are very well situated on matrix here. The quartz has good luster and also the color and clarity is very good.

FA276 - Quartz - SOLD
Serifos Island, Greece
Size: 15.5 x 9.7 x 11.9 cm

A perfect matrix specimen of prasem quartz from the famous locale Serifos in Greece. A lot of very nice hematites are present between and on the quartz, what looks very nice in person. With 15.5 cm this specimen has a very good size and the crystals are up to 5.7 cm in length.

NZ05 - Diopside - SOLD
Val d'Ala, Torino Province, Piemonte, Italy
Size: 5.7 x 2.5 x 1 cm
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The size of this diopside is very impressive!! I have seen many specimens from this locale which have around one quater of the size of this piece. All what is bigger is very rare and hard to get. At the side the crystal has a small garnet attached what is very typically for this locale.

BK15 - Fluorite on Barite - SOLD
Berbes Mining area, Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain
Size: 7.8 x 6.3 x 5.6 cm
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This piece is showing a great contrast between the snow white barite and the purple fluorite! Very nice in person.

AB05 - Scheelite - SOLD
Hiefelwand, Grieswies, Raurisertal, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 3.7 x 2.9 x 1.9 cm
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It is almost impossible to get a good scheelite from the Austrian Alps! This is a very good crystal with a bright orange color from the famous Rauris valley in Salzburg. With a size of 3.7cm in length this crystal is much bigger then most of the pieces I have seen with this color! It is a perfect fit to every alpine collection and brings some color into it!

NL29 - Tourmaline - SOLD
Santa Rosa mine, Itambacuri, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size: 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm
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The color zonation of this touramline is exceptional and very hard to find! It is starting with grass green on the top, changing to white at the middle and ending with steel bule at the bottom! Some small edgewear is present, but this is hardly visible! It needs some light from the back to see the colors, but this does not needs to be very strong! It looks beautiful in a showcase with some light from the sides!

RK77 - Quartz var. Amethyst - SOLD
Brandberg Area, Erongo Region, Namibia
Size: 10.1 x 8.2 x 6.2 cm
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This amethyst specimen tells a story of how it grew in the region of Erongo/Namibian. You can see contacted zones, where the African rock lay against the amethyst crystal. Despite these contacts there is no damage visible on the amethyst at all. Most striking about this piece is the over eight centimeter long, doubly terminated crystal resting on the vertical crystal. It holds a beautiful deep purple color and some very fine, gemmy parts. The whole piece is an agglomeration of nice details with luster, color and crystal habit. A quartz that reveals its beauty and uniqueness at closer sight.

ZT21 - Hematite - SOLD
Mörchnerkar, Zemmgrund, Zillertal, Tirol, Austria
Size: 9 x 8.2 x 2.2 cm
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Size matters! This iron rose from this classic locale is a truly impressive specimen. Perfectly developed on all sides with great luster and even with some accompanying quartz to complete the picture. This piece is a floater and in perfect condition. A true masterpiece for any advanced collector!

FA51 - Calcite - SOLD
Daye Co., Hubei Province, China
Size: 9.7 x 8.6 x 2.1 cm
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Like a warming campfire, this calcite specimen captures the viewer with its many details. You find two generations of calcite: Generation one is transparent with a grey coating, while the second Generation is of a pleasant skin color and highly lustrous. There is no considerable damage present, unless you count a smaller chip at the very bottom of the specimen. All the main crystals are perfect and simply beautiful.

FA212 - Mixite - SOLD
Hilarion Mine, Kamariza Mines, Agios Konstantinos, Lavrion District, Attiki Pref., Greece
Size: 4.6 x 2.2 x 1 cm
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The bright green color of this mixite specimen is one of a kind! Unfortunately the picture and video don't really live up to this truly bilious green. The whole main face of this specimen is covered with tufted mixite needles. The red-brown matrix adds a nice contrast and holds some mixite at the backside too. Definitely one of the best pieces of this extremely rare mineral we have seen to date!