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International Minerals 33

ZL186 - Calcite - 950€
Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi District, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo
Size: 6.6 x 4.3 x 4 cm
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This honey-yellow calcite from the Mashamba West Mine is a beautiful cluster of highly lustrous and glassy crystals in perfect shape, arranged as a sweeping sculpture! The distinctively 3-dimensional assembly is better visible in our video! Breathtaking luster and brillinace nicely catch the light and distribute warm amber-colored light. The backside is covered in green malachite which offers some contrast with the calcite. Apart from one single cleavage near the base this whole specimen is flawless and just beautiful in person!

ZW891 - Cassiterite - 4500€
Mt Xuebaoding, Pingwu Co., Mianyang Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China
Size: 8.1 x 7.8 x 6.6 cm
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Spectacular crystal of twinned cassiterite in very best shape and quality! The jet-black cassiterite is 7.8 cm in diameter and shows absolutely best luster on all sides! The backside has some contacts at the lower parts but the front is pure beauty with silvery white muscovite and some colorless fluorite which is uncommon for the locale!
A fantastic, sharp and dominant cassiterite specimen from the important locale at Xuebaoding Mountain!

IE630 - Kunzite - 5900€
Laghman Province, Nuristan , Afghanistan
Size: 9.8 x 7.9 x 1.9 cm
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This fabulous kunzite specimen is a complete floater in perfect condition all around! The quality of this sculpturesque etched piece is amazing in person: Gemmy, lustrous and sharp with intensive lavender color! Our video shows how immensely glassy and simply gorgeous this piece is as a 3-dimensional specimen! Definitely a stunner without any downsides at all!

NP3 - Calcite with Copper - Sold
Quincy Mine, Hancock, Houghton Co., Michigan, USA
Size: 7.8 x 5.9 x 4.3 cm
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A classic specimen of calcite with copper on matrix that is highly aesthetic due to nice composition and color contrast. Scalenohedral calcite crystals are protruding from the top, showing their pinkish color that is induced by copper inclusions and contrasting with the dark brown, patinated copper that is present all over the matrix. White feldspar and some quartz are even more accentuating calcite and copper. Very nice in person and a real classic from this old Mine!

KY889 - Epidote - 150€
Ras Koh Mts., Kharan, Balochistan, Pakistan
Size: 3.3 x 1.8 x 1 cm
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This epidote specimen is from a unique find in the western Pakistani Mountains that revealed a completely unique and highly aesthetic "bow tie" shape. Sprays of dark green, lustous epidote form this sharp clusters in a just lovely way. This is basically a singly "bow tie" cluster, distinctively developed and with bright luster! It is free of any damage with only one small contact at the lower backside. A piece of distinctive shape and characteristics!

QJ377 - Hematite ps. Magnetite - 900€
Payún volcano, Altiplano de Payún Matru, Malargüe Department, Mendoza, Argentina
Size: 8.5 x 6.5 x 5.5 cm
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A 3-dimensional group of octahedral magnetite crystals has been pseudomorph transformed into metallic grey hematite at the cinder pits near the Payún Matru volcano. This structure is a distinctly 3-dimensional floater specimen that shows characteristic hoppered growth and towering octahedrons. The piece is all undamaged and very much appealing in person!

LZ399 - Hematite - 1300€
Wessels Mine, Hotazel, Kalahari manganese fields, South Africa
Size: 3.1 x 2.8 x 1.7 cm
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An extremely sharp and mirroring crystal from the Wessels mine that is 3.1 cm long and impressive 1.3 cm thick. The blocky crystal is all complete and flawless with a flat, mirroring face right at the front! It is accompanied by smaller hematites and some white calcite at the back witch very much improves the overall aesthetics. Highly attractive and in best condition!