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Alpine Minerals 29

WR273 - Quartz - 460€
Forsterbachtal, Rauris, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 5.8 x 3.2 x 1.7 cm
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While not exceptionally large this specimen amazes with brilliant quality and an unusually complex and fascinating architecture. All around you can see interlocked crystals of very best quality that sum up to this sparkling sculpture!

PW946 - Amethyst Sceptre - 230€
Saurüssel, Zemmgrund, Zillertaler Alpen, Nordtirol, Austria
Size: 3.6 x 1.3 x 1.2 cm
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Distinctive shape and quality of this little sceptre specimen are really just brilliant. The fact that it is repaired at the divide between stem and head as well as chips at the lower backside might hurt a bit but none of that is visible from the front. On the plus side we have intensive purple color, a glassy crystal, sharp and distinctive shape and a nice lustrous surface. A very attractive specimen if you can live with an imprefect backside.

IN865 - Smoky Quartz - 1250€
Untersulzbachtal, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 11 x 4.9 x 4.5 cm
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This smoky quartz specimen is a complete floater in very best condition! One minor abrasion at the lower termination is all, the rest is flawless. The crystal shows intensive brown color and nice clarity, especially towards the terminations. Some adularia crystals are attached here and there which add to the overall very nice aesthetics. The terminations show some chloritization while all prism faces are highly lustrous. A very attractive piece of Austrian smoky quartz!

EI097 - Skeletal Quartz - 3200€
Brand, Felbertal, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 7.5 x 6.5 x 4 cm
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Among local collectors this skeletal quartz is well known and counts as one of the best of it's kind! And that's not surprising if you see the brilliant quality and the sweeping shape! The piece is a completely etched floater with only hints left to guess the original hexagonal prisma shape. It is colorless, water-clear and with best sparkling luster on all sides! A marvel of excellent quality and condition as you can easily see in our video!

LV610 - Brookite - 1600€
Elm, Sernf Valley, Glarus, Switzerland
Size: 2.6 x 1.6 x 1.5 cm
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One single brookite crystal is set on a silvery rock matrix with sparkling white quartz association. The brookite is one of exceptional perfection in shape and quality alike. Even in roomlight illumination you can easily see the internal painting through the gemmy, warm brown crystal. Being 100% perfect this is an amazing piece and a rarity from the Alps!

KR438 - Aragonite - 450€
Brixlegg, Kufstein district, Inn valley, Tyrol, Austria
Size: 8.1 x 7.4 x 2.7 cm
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Blue aragonite from the Austrian Alps is a highly desired variety and usually is found at the fabous Styrian Erzberg. Even rarer is this specimen form Brixlegg, famous for silver and copper minerals like azurite or malachite. It is a very showy piece with unusual structure and lovely baby-blue color. The aragonite is grown in the shape of a winding river, 3-dimensionally protruding from the dolomite matrix. Very attractive and rare from this locale!

QR4 - Quartz - 370€
Ritterkopf, Rauris, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 11.7 x 2.2 x 1.7 cm
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An elegant single crystal quartz that's doubly terminated and completely flawless. The quartz is transparent on the inside, lustrous on the outside and very well developed as a sligthly tapering crystal with a sharp pyramidal termination. A single crystal specimen of uttermost perfection from the remote locale near Rauris valley!

ON193 - Schorl - 90€
Großer Greiner, Zillertaler Alpen, Tyrol, Austria
Size: 10.6 x 8.4 x 2.7 cm
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Schorl from the Tyrolean Alps is rare and not even mentioned in "Moore's Compendium of Mineral Discoveries". Fascinating enough this is a large specimen with crystals up to 7.5 cm long and 0.9 cm thick. The crystals are embedded in a silvery schist matrix and complete. Definitely a rare and interesting piece of Alpine tourmaline.

AQ523 - Quartz with Adularia - Sold
Arzbachgraben, Felbertal, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 8.5 x 4.5 x 4.2 cm
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Found by Hans Pleikner sen. and Wolfgang Vötter this combination of quartz with adularia is totally unique in shape and quality! A beautiful water-clear quartz crystal with lovely surface structure holds several white adularia crystals which makes for a pristine picture altogether! The whole piece is in outstanding condition with no downsides. An absolutely spectacular specimen that is unmatched by anything we have seen from the Alps!

CZ197 - Quartz - 550€
Teufelspitze, Amertal, Mittersill, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 9.3 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm
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The complex architecture of this smoky quartz specimen is very much unique and fascinating. Several interlocked crystals with great luster and sharp edges form a towering specimen that essentially is grown as a sceptre. A very interesting aspect is the color play: While at first glance you would identify it as a white quartz with smoky patches there are also some purple tinges here and there. This visual effect is only visible if you turn it around in white light. Look closely in our video, the purple color is there!