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Mixed Minerals

PB114 - Pyrite - 750€
Huanzala Mine, Huallanca District, Dos de Mayo Province, Peru
Size: 10.7 x 7.7 x 4.5 cm
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Shiny like a disco ball and perfectly developed on all sides, this is a superb pyrite floater of best quality. While the frontside has the larger crystals - the cubes are up to 1.5 cm on edge - the backside is more delicate, nested and shows beautiful striations. Aside of some very minor edgewear this piece is in excellent condition, very attractive and sculptural in person!

FJ10 - Spessartine - 4800€
Navegadora claim, Conselheiro Pena, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size: 7 x 5.6 x 4.6 cm
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Incredible, juicy, cranberry-red color radiates from this fine specimen even at low light, waiting to explode at direct illumination. The massive crystal is quite dark due to its thickness and some internal cracks but downlight definitely does the trick and reveals the gemmy blood-red crystal!
The spessartine is a complete floater and associated with some quartz, muscovite and white feldspar, probably cleavelandite. It is an exceptional piece that shows the fantastic quality the Navegadora claim is famous for. Even at close inspection I could fine only one small chip at the side, not more than 5 mm long and almost impossible to detect.This is a great, massive spessartine of superb aesthetics that exists only to present its beautiful surface structure and incredible red color!

BT8 - Quartz - 600€
Felbertal, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 14.3 x 9.6 x 5.7 cm
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White stocky quartz crystals are clustered to form this sparkling floater specimen. The quartz is mostly glassy and transparent with superb luster and very little edgewear. The bottom side is equally nice with smaller crystals but therefor additional white adularia, tiny hematite and even at some spots some titanite, which is a totally characteristic association for the locale. Elegant and appealing in person!

PB116 - Pyrite - 300€
Racracancha mine, Tinyahuarco district, Pasco Province, Peru
Size: 10.1 x 8.1 x 5.1 cm
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A group of cubical pyrite crystals the largest of which is over 4 cm on edge from the now abandoned Racracancha mine. All crystals have a shiny golden color and nice striations on all sides as is characteristic for the finds that all occured in the last 10 years. The backside is completely contacted but the front is near perfect with just a couple of minimal abrasions. A rather rare specimen of great quality and nice visual impact!

PB170 - Barite - 350€
Huánuco Department, Peru
Size: 5.7 x 5.1 x 4.2 cm
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Several panels of glassy, smoky yellow barite are prominently stacked on a pink dolomite matrix. The largest crystal is around 3.5 cm long, shows best luster and a sharp, distinct shape. All crystals are flawless and 3-dimensionally arranged to form this highly aesthetic specimen!

GM9 - Quartz - 850€
Schinschlucht, Graubünden, Switzerland
Size: 9 x 8 x 6.6 cm
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A distinctive floater specimen of transparent to white quartz with beautiful green chlorite phantoms inside. The quartz is arranged as three "fingers" with a couple of smaller side-crystals and extensive backside chloritisation around the center. The piece is overall in very good condition with some minor issues along the terminations. A striking quartz specimen from the rather uncommon locale!

PW6 - Amethyst - 3500€
Zirknitz, Goldberg group, Hohe Tauern, Carinthia, Austria
Size: 12.6 x 9.1 x 5.5 cm
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Let's get to the drawback right away: This amethyst specimen is damaged at the tip and one of the side-terminations. Now that that's said, this piece is absolutely fantastic from one of the very best Alpine amethyst finds of all time! Hardly ever have I seen such incredibly strong color on a large and massive Alpine amethyst specimen like this, paired with wet-look luster and beautiful stacked crystallization. Most sections at the back are crudely crystallized but damage is scarce and anyway, the main view is just stunning and a real eye-catcher! Rare and outstanding Alpine amethyst of great size and exceptional quality!

SK38 - Barite - 650€
Turt Mine, Turt Negresti-Oas, Oas Mts, Satu Mare Co., Romania
Size: 7.6 x 6.6 x 5.8 cm
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A rich and beautiful aggregate of tabular, glassy barite on galena. The barite is of yellowish color, superbly lustrous and 3-dimensionally arranged like flower petals. This fine specimen is in 360° best condition where even the smaller crystals are undamaged. A just wonderful and elegant piece that is much better in person!

PB132 - Barite - 1500€
Cerro Warihuyn, Miraflores, Huamalíes Province, Huánuco Department, Peru
Size: 12.3 x 9.6 x 5.5 cm
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Thick and well defined tabular barite of honey yellow color on a dark brown matrix. The barite is 3-dimensionally arranged on the matrix with the largest crystal - 4.7 cm on edge and 0.9 cm thick - nicely standing out and presenting itself. All crystals show best luster and are perfectly gemmy. There is some edgewear scattered across this piece but most of which is old and rehealed. Sheer size, color and quality are a stunning combination on this rich and impressive specimen!

RT37 - Tourmaline with Quartz - 8700€
Bevoandrano pegmatite, Ikalamavony District, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar
Size: 6.2 x 5.8 x 3.2 cm
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The pictures of this impressive tourmaline largely speak for themselves. The specimen shows very intensive, gemmy apple green coloring with a pink sugar crusting. The tourmaline is nicely attached to a translucent white quartz making for pure textbook aesthetics. This nice piece is out of a find in Bevoandrano pegmatite, Madagascar. The piece is complete all around with a re-healed bottom and a perfect slanted termination. Even at low light this specimen cuts a fine figure but the direct backlight releases a flash of bright green. A fantastic piece of comfy hand-size and brilliant quality!

OT42 - Topaz - 1350€
Hematita, Antônio Dias, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size: 6.4 x 4.9 x 2.2 cm
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Brilliant and water-clear! This is an absolutely charming yellowish topaz floater of best luster and quality. The irregular shape is enclosed by many beautiful and mirroring faces. Its edges are not quite perfect but which is not much disturbing. A jewel of exceptionally fine visual impact!

BR03 - Schorl with Quartz and Feldspar - 3200€
Shengus, Haramosh Mts., Skardu District, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan
Size: 10.1 x 7.6 x 7.5 cm

This is a group of schorl in combination with very nice crystals of quartz and feldspar! The white crystals of feldspar are sitting on the black schorl what makes a very good contrast to this specimen. Over all, it is in a very good condition with just minor damage on some of the smaller side crystals what is very hard visible with the eyes. It is very 3-dimensional in person what is hard to show on pictures. Much better in person!