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International Minerals 32

QZ8 - Fluorite - 1100€
Berbes Mining area, Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain
Size: 7.5 x 6.3 x 2.2 cm
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Wow, what an excellent fluorite from this famous area! The individual fluorite cubes are brilliant and glassy with striking purple color and fantastic luster! The combination with white quartz really improves on the aesthetics and makes this a stunningly lovely specimen. There is no damage at all and even the backside is crystallized. An outstanding specimen even for the Berbes standard!

PB20 - Silver - 350€
Andaychagua Mine, San Cristobal District, Yauli Province, Junín Department, Peru
Size: 4.9 x 4.1 x 3 cm
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This piece is from a very small find of wire-silver at the Andaychagua Mine, a commercial mine for zinc, lead, copper and silver. The white quartz matrix is interwoven with bright silver veins that reappear on all sides and sweepingly reach out as thing threads and feather-like structures. Very nice and three-dimensional with tons of beautiful details!

KR22 - Fluorite - 6400€
Riemvasmaak, Kakamas, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
Size: 8.9 x 7.7 x 5.7 cm
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Quality and shape are absolutely spectacular on this unusual fluorite specimen! Glassy and intensively green fluorite octahedrons are stacked upon each other with the largest crystals at the bottom and the smaller crystals atop. What's most unusual here is the 2-dimensional arrangement of the smaller octahedrons: Like a wall made of fluorite bricks! This flat structure makes it very easy for the ligth to enter from the back and illuminate the piece. A stunning piece in person and in marvelous condition all around! The shape quite obviously reminds of a little rabbit which is what we call the piece here at Saphira Minerals: "The Rabbit"

WK18 - Calcite and Quartz - 225€
Boldut Mine, Cavnic, Maramures Co., Romania
Size: 11 x 10.7 x 4.4 cm
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The matrix is a just lovely and perfect landscape of white quartz needles on a sphalerite/chalcopyrite base with calcite rhombs atop. This sparkling play is already beautiful but the single skin-colored main calcite definitely steals the show! It's a very well developed hexagonal shape which a rich surface structure in complete perfection. Absolutely amazing and outstanding on this beautiful specimen!

SO34 - Barite - 750€
Pöhla, Schwarzenberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany
Size: 8.5 x 5.8 x 3 cm
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A classic mineral in a very classic design! This elegant main barite is 6.5 cm long and - as is famous for this old locale - has the most intriguing honey-yellow color! The crystal is very well shaped, sharp and lustrous with only minimal abrasions. The inside is clouded but with some gemmy patches, especially towards the termination. Size, quality and aesthetics make this classic specimen special!

OT23 - Topaz - 800€
Hematita, Antônio Dias, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size: 3.9 x 3 x 1.7 cm
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Gemmy, lustrous, sharp topaz with an elegant greenish tinge from Hematita! The locale is better known for its alexandrite appearance, but in recent years some very fine topaz finds have been done. This specimen has a lovely etched shape with a gemmy, limpid body that has only very few internal cracks. The surface is extremely lustrous and shows a very engaging structure. It's a floater in fine condition. A brilliant little specimen of best topaz quality!

PB30 - Augelite with Quartz - 220€
Mundo Nuevo Mine, Mundo Nuevo, Huamachuco, Sanchez Carrion, La Libertad, Peru
Size: 3.6 x 3 x 2.1 cm
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This miniature specimen is a rich cluster of apple green augelite and glassy quartz needles. The largest augelite is a little over 1 cm on edge, sharp and gemmy. With near perfect condition, great quality and appealing aesthetics this is a lovely specimen for this rare mineral!

CM04 - Malachite, Chrysocolla - 235€
L'Etoile du Congo Mine, Lubumbashi, Katanga Copper Crescent, Katanga, D.R. Congo
Size: 7.8 x 6.1 x 3.1 cm
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Congo is by far the worlds best region for primary malachite. This is a lovely combination of dark green malachite and brighter blue-green chrysocolla reminding me of a natural coral reef in the turquoise tropical sea. Beautifull, colorful and in overall good condition!

ED4 - Pyrite with Quartz - 2000€
Mundo Nuevo Mine, Mundo Nuevo, Huamachuco, Sanchez Carrion, La Libertad, Peru
Size: 11.6 x 9.2 x 8.9 cm
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This massive pyrite complex is a formidable piece of unusually fine architecture! It is a complete floater, which is rare on pyrite, especially in such large and dominant size. The largest crystal is over 7 cm in diameter and very well developed with striations and bevells and just beautiful, golden surface structure! Several of such high quality pyrites are stacked together to form this fist-sized ball. Some white quartz is attached to the bottom, the rest is pure golden lustrous pyrite. And flawless! No damage or abrasions anywhere to find! Definitely an excellent specimen for the material!

FJ9 - Tourmaline on Feldspar and Lepidolite - 3850€
Barra do Salinas, Coronel Murta, Jequitinhonha valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size: 8.1 x 3.6 x 2.4 cm
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A fine specimen from Barra do Salinas, famous for its high class tourmaline. The composition of this one is quite spectacular. A main tourmaline crystal of gemmy green color dominates this vivid piece, visually supported by white feldspar and purple lepidolite. The arrangement is pure textbook, with a shiny, dramatic main crystal, well emphasized and balanced. There is no damage or noteworthy wear to be found, only some contacts at the lower backside. Great aesthetics and quality united on a highly appealing piece!

FA95 - Vanadinite - 590€
Mibladen, Midelt, Khenifra Province, Morocco
Size: 8.5 x 6.7 x 4.8 cm
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Marvelous vanadinite on matrix forms this highly aesthetic specimen! The vanadinite comes as sharp and lustrous, deep strawberry red crystals in characteristic hexagonal cog-wheels. Amazing quality sparkles all over the rich cluster and shows very little damage and only on the peripheries. Have a look on the video for a better three-dimensional impression!

RK455 - Dioptase on Plancheite - 1950€
Sanda Mine, Mindouli, Pool Department, Republic of Congo
Size: 10.2 x 7.3 x 2.4 cm
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Plancheite, the light blue, botryoidal crust over this matrix piece, provides a fantastic background for the lustrous, gemmy dioptase crystals that are scattered about the front face. Another nice aspect, when it comes to colors, is the reddish brown limonite, filling the gaps between plancheite and dioptase! The doubly terminated dioptase crystals show very good quality, are free of damage and up to 2.5 x 1.0 cm in size. This classic specimen is an exceptionally rare and beautiful paragenesis from the plancheite type locality in the south of the Republic of Congo!