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International Minerals 37

DH128 - Brucite - 650€
Killa Saifullah District, Balochistan, Pakistan
Size: 3.3 x 2 x 1.4 cm
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A single ball of lemon yellow brucite in nice glassy quality is set on a small piece of rock matrix. The backside has a contact but apart from that the crystal is flawless. Very straight forward aesthetics and brilliant quality from the game-changing 2015 finds in the Killa Saifullah District!

WD1 - Tourmaline - 6400€
Paprok, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan
Size: 7.3 x 4 x 3.4 cm
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With massive size and bright colors this is a majestic doubly terminated tourmaline specimen of highest grade! The translucent crystal shows satiated pink color with a sharp zone of ocean green near the termination which looks absolutely gorgeous! The upper termination is flat and somewhat frosted. The bottom termination is highly lustrous and also flat but with a bevel at one edge and with a small intergrown quartz crystal. The overall condition is just exceptional with only very limited edge-wear.
Absolutely fantastic, elegant and vibrant in person!

TT1 - Tourmaline - 2200€
Paprok, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan
Size: 7 x 1.9 x 1.5 cm
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A glassy, mulitcolor tourmaline with open colors and a flawless rhombohedral termination. The lower half is translucent with orange/pink color. Up from there it gets increasingly gemmy and the colors switch from white to different shades of green and pink at the termination. The back of the crystals has some white feldspar and a small tourmaline side-crystal attached to it. Absolutely brilliant crystal of multicolor tourmaline!

BL024 - Pyrite - 1300€
Shangbao, Leiyang Co., Hengyang Prefecture, Hunan Province, China
Size: 7 x 4.9 x 4.6 cm
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A single well shaped pyrite cube is set at the center of a lovely quartz/pyrite matrix. The main crystal is very dominant with no competition for the prime spot on this fine specimen. It has 1.8 cm on edge, is lustrous and flawless. The matrix itself is a very beautiful one as well. A lovely combination of white quartz and golden pyrite that really impresses at close view. Absolutely beautiful specimen with well defined aesthetics and in best condition!

LA11 - Opal - 1280€
Khorixas, Namibia
Size: 11.8 x 5.6 x 4.7 cm
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This opal specimen is out of a unique 2014 find that yielded a small number of these rare opal variety. The striking turquoise Paraiba-color is caused by copper and catches the eye instantly. Analysis identified this mineral as the extremely rare tridymite crystobalite opal (Opal-CT).The opal is grown over a shard of glassy smoky quartz. The periphery is broken - quartz as well as opal - but considering the extreme rareness of this material this is unavoidable. A very rewarding specimen from a unique find!

XM869 - Epidote - 550€
Pampa Blanca, Huancavelica Department, Peru
Size: 6.5 x 6.2 x 2.5 cm
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An appealing heart-shaped double fan of epidote in very best condition all around. Countless epidote needles are clustered to form this unusual sculpture. With only small contacts and nice sparkling luster especially on the many small terminations this is a unique specimen of intriguing shape!

PY5 - Malachite ps. Azurite - 1800€
Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Tsumeb, Namibia
Size: 5.9 x 4 x 3 cm
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What once was a massive azurite crystal is now completely replaced by silky green malachite while still showing the original well defined crystal shape. As a patchwork of different shades of green this specimen appears vivid and elegant and is in very best condition! The backside shows brown and white residues of a porous matrix. A marvelous pseudomorphosis from the classic mines of Tsumeb!

ED3 - Pyrite with Quartz - 2800€
Mundo Nuevo Mine, Mundo Nuevo, Huamachuco, Sanchez Carrion, La Libertad, Peru
Size: 13 x 11.6 x 8.7 cm
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Best golden pyrite in excellent condition in combination with contrasting white quartz. The largest pyrite is a 3 cm cube that is set at the very top and has mirroring luster and very nice surface striations. Directly beneath it there are some smaller pyrites and a array of elongated white quartz crystals in a sweeping jackstraws assembly. The backside is dominated by well cristallized pyrite which is nicely visible in our video. The condition is extremely good all around with only very minor and hardly recognizable issues but mostly just perfect crystals and stunning aesthetics!

PB158 - Atacamite - 450€
Lily Mine, Pisco Umay, Ica Department, Peru
Size: 6.1 x 4.2 x 3.7 cm
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A single spray of forest green atacamite crystals is set on a sparkling quartz covered rock matrix. The cluster has a diameter of around 2 cm with individual crystals reaching close to 1 cm. Under direct light you will find the crystals to be rather gemmy and sparkling and there are only very minimal abrasions present. A nice specimen for this rare material!

AC06 - Tourmaline - 1900€
Laghman Province, Nuristan , Afghanistan
Size: 8.3 x 1.5 x 1 cm
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This lovely sky-blue single crystal tourmaline is an elegant exemplar that has glassy quality, nice luster and most importantly an intriguing stepped termination. It is not repaired and in best condition.
The color is in fact a combination of beautiful pastel pink towards the terminations and blue at the center. Not as striking at first glance but even the more lovely if you give it a closer look.

SP23 - Spinel - 2100€
Pyan Pyit, Mogok Township, Pyin-Oo-Lwin District, Mandalay Division, Burma (Myanmar)
Size: 8.2 x 7.5 x 6 cm
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A single spinel octahedron of bright red color, great clarity and sharp development sits on a snow white, contrasting calcite matrix. The crystal strikes with amazing color that is not pink but actual strawberry red which is extremely rare! The surface is highly lustrous with lovely structures at closer inspection. Deeper inside the crystal is gemmy and just brilliant. With a size of 1.8 cm in diameter it is a superb crystal on a very nice matrix!

OZ760 - Tourmaline - 1100€
Barra do Salinas, Coronel Murta, Jequitinhonha valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size: 4.1 x 2.3 x 1.3 cm
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This absolutely lovely tourmaline is an aesthetic combination of one pink single crystal with some lepidolite at both sides. The crystal is gemmy and shows intensive color. An amazing and very much unusual aspect is the termination which shows an intriguing and highly lustrous structure. It might look broken at first glance but it isn't as you can definitely tell at closer sight where you can see distinctive triangular shapes. Also the fact that the color changes to blue right at the termination is a clue that this is all natural and flawless. Very attractive in person!